Floral Card - House & Garden, El Salvador

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These beautiful handcrafted cards have been arranged with dried plants and flowers. Wouldn't you love to be working in your gardens and have the tranquil feeling of peace and harmony. Having a garden whether it's the Dubai Miracle Garden or just a potted plant. You still get the serene feeling when loving and caring for a plant. Purchase a card and pass on the peace and harmony of flowers.

  • Dimensions:
    • Card: 6 7/8" T x 4.25" W / 17.5 cm T x 12 cm W
    • Envelope: 7.25" T x 5" W / 18.5 cm T x 12.5 cm W
    • Envelope included
  • Handmade in El Salvador and Fair Trade imported. 

Artecomasagua - Making Flowered Gift Cards

As a result of the economic crisis in coffee cultivation, a group of women entrepreneurs in the area of Comasagua - El Salvador, formed Artecomasagua, an organization of artisans who produce exquisite designs with plants and flowers of the area. These women work with wildflowers from the community, in a conscious and sustainable manner, keeping the environment beautiful and harmonious.

The women of Artecomasagua collect leaves, flowers, and plants from the country-side around the village that are given to them by nature. The collected flower petals and leaves are dried between the pages of old books. When ready, only a little bit of wood glue does the magic of adhering them to cards. Each work of art is unique and reflects the creativity of the artist. For that reason, Artecomasagua puts extra effort in creating a working atmosphere that is peaceful, joyful and happy for all the women.  


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