Floral Card - Lotus Flower, El Salvador

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These cards were designed by the children of Hariharananda Balashram in collaboration with the women artisans from Arte Comasagua in El Salvador.

As a result of the economic crisis in coffee cultivation, a group of women entrepreneurs in the area of Comasagua - El Salvador, formed Arte Comasagua, an organization of artisans who produce exquisite designs with plants and flowers of the area. These women work with wildflowers from the community, in a conscious and sustainable manner, keeping the environment beautiful and harmonious. 

Balashram, located in the village of Pattamundai in the Eastern state of Odisha India, is a residential school for more than 480 poor, underprivileged, and often orphaned children. Having seen the work done by the women of El Salvador, the children were excited to create their own designs knowing that these would be made into handcrafted gift cards elaborated with dried wildflowers.

This is truly a global exercise in compassion with the intent to help not only the women of Comasagua but to promote the work that is being done at Balashram as well.

  • Dimensions:
    • Card: 6 7/8" T x 4.25" W / 17.5 cm T x 12 cm W
    • Envelope: 7.25" T x 5" W / 18.5 cm T x 12.5 cm W
    • Envelope included
  • Handmade in El Salvador and Fair Trade imported. 
  • Each card comes with an insert that tells the story of the children of Balashram as well as the women of Comasagua, El Salvador. It helps to let friends and families know how this purchase is benefiting both. 


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