Level Ground Coffee - Bright Roast- 5lb

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Taste Description:Bright raspberry notes on entry, sweet almond impressions, ruby red grapefruit, juicy mouthfeel and a crisp finish. 

This blend is designed for those who are looking for a clean, sweet and interesting light-roasted coffee. It’s the lightest coffee we’ve ever roasted and blended. The three coffee origins have a delicate interplay while keeping each other in balance. Very rewarding for those who may put this through a pour-over or their favourite espresso machine.

Blend Origins: Honduras, Ethiopia, Colombia

100% Certified Organic, Craft Blended Arabica Beans

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC

Social Impact: Female economic empowerment, upgrading and improved agricultural practices, sustainable waste management, renewable biogas projects, improved working conditions for women, health education on Ebola, Covid-19 and Malaria.

Also available in 300g bags.

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