Oxfam Sour Gummy Bears (100g)

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Fair trade sour gummy bears that are perfect for kids of all ages!
Sourced from Coopealnor (Brazil), Manduvira (Paraguay).

Organic sour fruit gummies with a cassis and grapefruit flavour. Made from fair trade orange concentrate and unrefined cane sugar. The gummies contain natural fruit and plant extracts and guarana.

These fair trade sour gummy bears by Oxfam Fair Trade are certified by Fairtrade International. Also meet European organic standards. Available in 100g packages.

Ingredients: organic glucose syrup, fair trade organic raw cane sugar, fair trade organic orange juice concentrate, organic gelatine, acids (citric acid, malic acid), organic elderberry juice concentrate, organic guarana extract, organic natural turmeric flavouring, natural flavouring.

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