Pop up Holiday Tree Card, set of 2, Nepal

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Beautiful hand made paper cards with exquisite cut out trees that pop up when you open it! Choose from 2 colour combinations. Sold singly, shop in-store or let us choose.

These make great cards for place settings.

Dimensions: Cards measure 6" W x 4.5" H / 15.5 cm W x 11 cm H with envelopes included.

In the heart of the Himalayas, Nepali craftspeople have been producing handmade paper for over a thousand years. Prized for its durability, soft texture, and natural color, Lokta paper is an environmentally friendly, tree-free paper made from the bark of the regenerating Daphne bush.

Originally used in Tibetan monasteries for sacred texts, the making of Lokta paper is a village tradition dating back thousands of years. Today, this ancient technique is used for official government documents in Nepal, as well as Ganesh Himal’s beautiful paper goods. The paper is naturally insect free and will last more than 100 years. Our paper is sourced directly from the paper producers in the Baglung area of Nepal.

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