Ukava iAfrica Moroccan Harissa Spice Grinder

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Through Ukuva iAfrica (sense of Africa in ixi-Xhosa), World Fair Trade Organization member Turqle Trading takes us on a journey through many of Africa's varied flavors and cuisines. Carefully assembled small batches are presented in a beautifully adorned grinder that tells how each spice blend was inspired. The wire and beadwork is made by hand at Cape Mental Health Society. 

Ingredients: Chili, salt, caraway, cumin, coriander seed, garlic, mint, coriander leaves.

Serving suggestions: Great in traditional Tagines with chicken, lamb, or fish. Try chickpeas, onions and garlic flavoured with prune and apricot, almonds and date. Excellent on roast pumpkin. 

Dimensions: 1.76 oz / 50 g

Packed in South Africa


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