CLEARANCE Up and Down Paper Garbage Bin, assorted. Sri Lanka

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This eco-friendly basket is a colourful, high-quality handcrafted basket made from stripes of recycled newspapers that are weaved in and out around a metal frame to create a stunning mosaic look. The naturally assembled basket not only makes a unique piece of art but is also durable for prolonged use. Its adaptable nature does justice to anywhere it is placed, making it an eye candy for you and your audience, and an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Bin measures 10x10x12"

Paper Feathers provides beautiful collections of eco-friendly, handmade, decorative storage baskets & accessories for you & your home. Woven with recycled newspapers, vibrant colours & unique
patterns, we work directly with cooperatives in Sri Lanka to bring you ethical, stylish, accessories with a story, all while doing our part for a sustainable and greener environment, while empowering the lives of rural mothers in Sri Lanka.

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