Woven Newspaper Basket w/ handles, asst. Sri Lanka

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Our unique hand woven baskets are where style and functionality meet. Stripes of recycled newspapers are woven in and out to create a rustic mosaic look that characterize our eco-friendly baskets. They possess a primitive feel, and yet their distinct nature makes them decidedly unique. This hand woven basket is unmatched in quality and durability and is the perfect basket to carry out items in. 

Measures 10x10x8", assorted colours. Shop in-store or let us choose. 

Paper Feathers provides beautiful collections of eco-friendly, handmade, decorative storage baskets & accessories for you & your home. Woven with recycled newspapers, vibrant colours & unique
patterns, we work directly with cooperatives in Sri Lanka to bring you ethical, stylish, accessories with a story, all while doing our part for a sustainable and greener environment, while empowering the lives of rural mothers in Sri Lanka.

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