Bread for the Journey, Hardcover

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You feed your loved ones. But how do you nourish your soul?

Strengthen your relationship with God. Savor everyday moments. Deepen your faith. In this heartfelt book of meditations for women, the bestselling authors of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook series serve as friends and companions on your spiritual journey. The 90 daily devotionals provide morsels for inspiration and reflection, all drawn from God's unending promises in Scripture. Interspersed throughout the devotional are favorite recipes, inviting us to extend our tables and share God's blessing with others.

In the pages of Bread for the Journey, you will find:

  • daily inspiration for your journey with Jesus
  • short prayers and invitations to reflection
  • dramatic family stories of suffering, migration, and hope
  • tantalizing recipes from the bestselling authors of Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Join the Mennonite Girls as they journey deep into God's Word, reminding us again and again that God gives us bread for our journeys, one day at a time. Your soul needs nourishment, and the words of the Mennonite Girls remind us to celebrate God's constant provision. 

Lovella Schellenberg enjoys farm life with her husband and family on the western coast of British Columbia. When she posted a family recipe for Paska, a Russian Mennonite Easter bread, on her blog in 2007, she didn't know it was the beginning of a cooking sensation that has come to be known as Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Sharing recipes and stories of hospitality, food, and faith, Schellenberg and the nine other Mennonite Girls Can Cook bloggers are the authors of two bestselling cookbooks and the subject of a play in theaters in the United States. They have appeared on numerous Canadian television segments, and donate all their author royalties to nourish children around the world.

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