Hand-Forged Coffee Scoop, India

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A stainless steel coffee scoop is a special gift for your favorite coffee connoisseur. The Hand Forged Coffee Scoop is crafted by artisans working with Noah's Ark, a fair trade organization in Moradabad, India. The cost of metals has skyrocketed in recent years, which has had a devastating effect on the local economy and on the lives of individual artisans. Noah's Ark has worked hard to train artisans to use alternative metals and materials and to create appealing designs. Stainless steel coffee scoop with oxidized hammered handle also made from stainless steel.

5.5L x 1.5D x 0.5H inches - Holds one tablespoon

Made in India

| JP

Despite not being its intended use, this makes for a great laundry powder scoop!

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