CLEARANCE Black Teardrop Peace Basket, Rwanda

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A modern twist on a traditional Rwandan peace basket. In Rwanda, traditional Peace Baskets are given at weddings or on other special occasions, containing gifts of friendship and thanks . Simple yet thoughtful, the traditional pattern symbolizes the mountain path that friends walk together. These baskets are proudly displayed in the home or used to contain dry goods such as beans or rice.

Crafted from valley grasses woven over a bamboo frame. Grasses are colored using a banana flower as an applicator. The flower’s blue sap bonds with the soot from the bottom of a cooking pot to color the grasses black.


  • Approx. 11" total H x 6" max. D x  / 28 cm total H x 15 cm max. D
  • Opening: 3" / 8 cm D


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