Sun Chime, Indonesia

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Hang somewhere with a breeze and let the sweet Sunshine Chimes transport you. With 21 pipes, the sounds create a calming musical moment. Handcrafted by environmentalist artisans with the Mitra Bali cooperative. 2,000+ artisans craft in small workshops where safe conditions, fair pay, gender equity, use of sustainable materials, and producers' rights are required for membership. Together they protect the endangered natural beauty of Bali with a reforestation program, planting albizia trees. Fast‒growing bamboo and agel cord made from palm leaves are used in this hand carved piece. Materials: Bamboo, aluminum, agel cord - Measures: 12"W x 19"L (9"L cord and 8" to the top of the bamboo) - Colors: Red, silver, peach sun design - Care: Wipe clean - Notes: Hang in protected spot. Do not expose to extreme weather. - Handcrafted in Indonesia

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