Ankles Socks That Protect Toucans - Light Blue

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For the days so hot you’d swear you were in the tropics, soar into these tropical teal ankle socks featuring palms and toucans and a toucan embroidery!

Endangered animals like elephants, sloths, giraffes, and many others, are necessary components to support a complex ecosystem. Rapidly declining populations due to habitat loss and poaching not only deprive our planet of these amazing creatures, but also threaten the health of our world. Conservation International works to protect our planet's wildlife and their critical habitats in a variety of ways so that we can continue to admire these majestic creatures for generations to come.

Machine wash cold. Do not Bleach. Tumble dry Low. Do not Iron.

75% Fairtrade Organic Cotton, 23% Recycled Polyester, 2% Elastane

Made in India

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