Level Ground Coffee - French Roast - 5lb

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Taste DescriptionBig dark chocolate, clove, roasted nuts, black pepper, smoky finish with lingering richness that is pure dark roast

This is a curated blend that’s meant for the lovers of a sweet, full-bodied, all-Arabica French roast blend. Constructed for sweetness, full flavour, and ultimate extraction. Those who know will end their search right here. Works best in drip, French press, or stovetop espresso for the ultimate kick. 

Blend Origins: Colombia, Honduras, Peru 

100% Craft Blend Arabica Beans

  • Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Small batch roasted in Victoria, BC

Social Impact: Female farmer empowerment, sanitation upgrades, increased productivity education, Indigenous elementary education, Indigenous farmers' training, female economic empowerment, upgrading agricultural practices

Also available in 300g bags.

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