Small Bottle Brush, Sri Lanka

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The eco-friendly ECOMAX Bottle brush has been designed to reach all those hard to access corners where your hand doesn’t fit. The flexible brush can even be bent to clean decanters or vases that flare out at the base.

Ethically handmade from 100% natural, sustainable fibers, this bottle brush won’t become smelly or moldy with use, and once it has reached the end of its life simply throw it in the compost to biodegrade naturally.

  • Materials: Coconut fibre on galvanised wire.
  • Dimensions: 
    • Brush: 2.75" L x 0.75" D / 7 cm L x 2 cm D
    • Total length: 7.5 " / 18.5 cm with 
  • Care: dishwasher safe. Rinse and hang to dry
  • Made in Sri Lanka
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