Charu Bone Lace and Brass Bar Stud Drop Earrings, India

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Our Charu collection combines cruelty free, ethically sourced bones featuring hand carved lace filigree work and gold finish brass elements in exquisite, boho chic designs. These bone earrings are handcrafted from local and upcycled materials by master artisans in Old Delhi. Artisans utilize traditional Indian jewelry craft tools and techniques in the creation of these modern designs. The intricate hand worked filigree on this piece is a testament to their mastery of the craft, passed on from generation to generation. These stud drop earrings feature round, hand carved bone charms with lace filigree and hammered, gold finish bar elements. The soothing combination of soft white and shimmering gold make these earrings an absolute treasure. These statement earrings are ideal for elevating your style with casual elegance and a touch of shimmer. Filigree jewelry is a natural fit for boho bridal jewelry, whether to complement the boho chic wedding dress or presented as a bridal party gift. These richly unique charm earrings will make a statement at formal events. They are a stunning keepsake gift to celebrate a success or special occasion such as an anniversary or performance. They will delight a recipient presented as a Mother's Day gift or Valentine's Day gift, or simply a thoughtful, ethical gift to let them know that they are treasured.
DIMENSIONS:1.75"L, 1.25"W
MATERIALS:bone and brassdoes not contain lead, nickel, or cadmium
CARE INSTRUCTIONS:clean with jewelry cleaner product or with water and mild soap.
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